App name: DailyHelper


DailyHelper, an application running on Apple mobile device, is aiming to help people who are mentally handicapped, seniors or seriously injured. By providing solutions to the accessibility issues related to essential needs of those people, DailyHelper bring convenience to their everyday life.


  • 5 daily basic needs plus the direct calling button to the caretaker
  • Text input system
  • Text to speech
  • Searching for internal resources


  • Seniors, seriously injured people, mentally handicapped, people with cognitive/speaking impairment. For those who are unable to walk or speak freely, they can just simply press the icon to get assistance from the caretaker and tell them what they need. Moreover, they can also use the text input system to help the caretaker to understand their special needs
  • Visual impairment: for people with visual impairment, they can visit their favorite website and hear from their iPad/iPhone.