Agenda and Minutes 20110524 Meeting #3
group07 meeting #3 agenda & minutes
Dateļ¼š20110524 1230PM—1430PM Location: CSIL at Burnaby Campus
Purpose of Meeting: Weekly Regular Meeting Type of meeting: discussion
Facilitator:Ivan Mai Note Taker: Brian Keung
Attendees: Ivan Mai, Hank Yang, Brian Keung, Yi-Ting Lin, pei Cao
Please bring:
Please read:
Topics Discussion Action\Decision Person responsible\Due date
1. Go through the first overall draft. 1. Discuss and explain team roles and responsibilities
2. Assign phase leader
3. Discuss and modify software development roles.
4. Discuss project overview
5. Project schedule
6. Group name, app name
Assign phase leader:
Assignment 1: Ivan
Assignment 2: Brian
Assignment 3: Hank
Assignment 4: Steven
Assignment 5: Peyton

Software development roles:
Functional Analyst: Hank, Brian, Ivan
Developer: Everyone
Quality Assurance: Peyton, Steven

Reworked the project overview

Finished up the project schedule

Group name: SPHIB Studio
App name: Daily Helper
2. Work for final draft 1. Title page, table of contents
2. Combine every document all together
N\A Steven, Ivan