Agenda & Minutes 20110604 Meeting #5
group07 meeting #5 agenda & minutes
Dateļ¼š20110604 1130PM—1700PM Location: SFU Surrey campus
Purpose of Meeting: Work together for A2 Type of meeting: discussion
Facilitator:Brian Keung Note Taker: Ivan Mai
Attendees: Ivan Mai, Hank Yang, Brian Keung, Yi-Ting Lin, pei Cao
Topics Discussion Action\Decision Person responsible\Due date
1, Functional and non-functional requirement Text to speech feature
Functional requirement and non-functional requirement

Caretaker Mode
Functional requirements
Enter the information of people who need be taken care of
Foods, water, medicine, washroom, emergency, special need, customized button

Non-funcitonal requirement
Response time < 2seconds
Coffee shop and restaurant as major scenario
Getting on Bus as optional

Added three sub-features/ buttons:
emergency, special need, customized button
Due on Sunday midnight


2. Tutorial Part 5 Tutorial
Mode design
Food, emergency, text to speech, customized function,
Design Document
N\A Steven
3. Design document Data requirement:
File format and database format
*.txt, *.wav, *.jpg
4. QA document File format and database format More research on part 4,5,6 is needed before next Tuesday Everyone
5. Plan for Next Meeting Topic, time and location Work for QA document, from 1230 to 1430 next Tuesday Everyone