Agenda & Minutes 20110602 Meeting #4
group07 meeting #4 agenda & minutes
Dateļ¼š20110602 1200PM—1420PM Location: CSIL at Burnaby Campus
Purpose of Meeting: Weekly Regular Meeting Type of meeting: discussion
Facilitator:Brian Keung Note Taker: Ivan Mai
Attendees: Ivan Mai, Hank Yang, Brian Keung, Yi-Ting Lin, pei Cao
Topics Discussion Action\Decision Person responsible\Due date
1, Progress of project Individual work of each one
Requirement document
Part 1 Introduction
Part 2 intended Audience List
Part 5 Tutorial
Design Document
N\A Ivan
2. SRS(Software Requirement Specification) -Functional requirement
Caretaker mode
Voice-to-text mode
Reading mode
-Non-functional requirement
Connecting the devices between uses and identify the user(apple device P2P)
Brian, Peyton and Hank work on Caretake mode
Steven and Ivan work on
Voice-to-text mode
Due before Saturday
3. Tasks before next meeting Part 5 Tutorial
Design Document
N\A All
4. Plan for next meeting Time, date and location Will meet from 11 am to 5pm, June 4,
Saturday and June 5, Sunday. Blenz Coffee, 2/f, Surrey Compus